Five minutes by car from JR Ōnoura Station or via the hotel shuttle bus service.


Guests visiting by car

◆Miyahama Grand Hotel
Address 2-5-4 Miyahama Onsen, Hatsukaichi-shi, Hiroshima(MAP
Telephone No. 0829-55-2255

・About 40 minutes from Hiroshima (via Route 2 bypass)
・About 12-13 minutes from JR Miyajimaguchi Station (Route 2)
・About 30 minutes from Iwakuni Kintai Bridge (Route 2)

Our shuttle bus

A free shuttle service is available from Ōnoura Station for hotel guests using JR or customers dining at the hotel. The shuttle operates from 15:30-20:00.

Reservations for the shuttle are required, so please indicate that you would like to use the service when reserving your stay. It is about five minutes by car from JR Ōnoura Station to the hotel.


Guests visiting by car using express way
- When coming from Osaka area
==> About 7 - 8 minutes from Ono Interchange, Sanyo Expressway
- When coming from Kyushu area
==> About 7 - 8 minutes from Otake Interchange, Sanyo Expressway